Get The Data

The data is available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and we recommend that you explore, reuse, and mix the data.

Cite any use of the data as: ILDA (2020). Open Data Barometer – Edition for Latin America and the Caribbean. Montevideo: ILDA. 

Data for this edition and comparable historical data for the five previous editions are available for download. The data contained in this file was used to generate the report, the website, and the online data explorer.

Also, you can download all the quantitative and qualitative data that were collected during the research process, where you can explore the answers to each of the questions in the Expert Survey and the Dataset Evaluation Survey for each of the 24 countries that were part of this edition.
The details associated with the type of questions, grading schemes, score thresholds, response formats, justifications and sources, question descriptions, etc. are available in the research manual.